What We Do

Digital Gift Cards

  • Send or receive premium Digital Cards from your favourite lifestyle partners, locally or anywhere in the world.
  • Access over 1200+ merchants worldwide and send the gift of happiness in a blink!
  • Create your own branded Digital Card to be used in-store or accepted online.



  • Go cashless with a fully digital and scalable e-commerce solution for your business.
  • Get low fixed fees for transactions as a merchant.
  • Distribute your own Digital Card or cards from any BlinkSky merchant.
  • Enjoy 100% fraud liability protection with BlinkSky’s safe and secure ecommerce solution.

Customer Loyalty

  • Enhance your customer loyalty programme with branded Digital Reward Cards.

  • Deliver rewards in minutes via email or SMS and improve customer experience.
  • Access easy redemptions online or in-store and gifting options.
  • Access easy redemptions online or in-store and gifting options.
  • Give your members access to 1200+ lifestyle reward partners. 

Tickets and Coupons

  • Send bulk tickets and exclusive discounts for events and promotions to your customers.
  • Get fraud protection and digital redemption options online or at the event.
  • Collect donations and membership fees worldwide in any currency.
  • Enjoy seamless integration with your existing marketing platform.


Employee Reward

  • Create your own branded Digital Lunch Card that is accepted at preferred merchants.
  • Provide your employees with local and international digital incentives.

  • Encourage team engagement and team activities.
  • Receive real-time balances, fraud protection and internal management of distribution.